luni, 25 februarie 2013

Getting Healthy

What I noticed is that people, and especially women are very interested to be healthy and fit. I can guess why; It is definitly not a secret that women what to look good al the timeand be admired. Men don't care that much whether or not they are healty or at least mot all of them, but women defenetly care in a higher proportion.
Especially on Pinterest, I found thousands of recepies, drinks, workouts and advices, and all to help people live more healthy.
Honestly, I think it's a great place to look for new things to cook when you are out of ideas, for example I found this super cool looking salad a few days ago. Looks soo good I could make this my everyday breakfast:))

But of course you can find way more than recipes. The human mind is very creative and they show this with every occasion.
Eat healthy and be creative, life becomes more happy and fun when you do so:)
Enjoy your healthy day!

sâmbătă, 23 februarie 2013


Erm... maybe?
I started pinning just for about a week and I know it is said that this kind of sites become addictive after a while. Couldn't say exactly if it is the case for me.
 It's true that I sometimes spend good hours pinning and looking at pictures but you know what? It makes me feel relaxed and happy. Facebook it's kind of he same thing. You spend hours looking at what your friends have been doing for the last days, so pictures, pictures and pictures. The difference is that here, on Pinterest, pictures are fun, nice, creative. Your "friends" don't make you feel miserable because you haven't done anything exciting this weekend because the whole Pinterest community is friendly and everyone shares only things that make you feel better about life or about yourself.
Moreover, I really think it stimulates creativity and curiosity. I've seen so many cool cakes, food arts, places and it gave me so many ideas that it is a great place for anyone to look for inspiration.
I could say that Pinterest is a way of filling your leisure time, however, it shouldn't replace the real life.
Real life, real stories are  always better than online ones, but if I were to choose a virtual place to spend my time in, think this would be it.
If you haven't tried it yet, do it now. I promise you wont regret it.

And here you have a  pinterest logo.
Cuz I looove creative cakes!!

marți, 19 februarie 2013

Colors, colors, colors... Nothing is more beautiful than colors

And I really mean it!
I know there are colors every where, and that it seems something trivial to give them so much importance but try to imagine a gray world, with no other color around you than gray.
Not so hard to imagine but you wouldn't like it, I'm sure of that.
It seems that colors really influence they way we live and there is a strong correlation between colors and sun and our mood.
SO the 7 colors of the rainbow could be considered vibrating forces and flows of positive energy.
1. Red
Red is tought to be the color of love and passion (probably that's why all the hearts we draw are red). It is the color of vitality, energy and enthusiasm. It makes us more caring and gives us confidence.
Also, it makes people eat more, so don't put it in your kitchen. The downside of this color is that it creates nervousness and aggressiveness!
2. Orange
Orange is formed from two other colors red and yellow so that it has both the fire energy from red and the wisdom and self-control from yellow. Orange is dynamic but also controlled and cool.
If you want to be creative, fun, active but well balanced, surround yourself by orange and you'll make it:)

3. Yellow
Yellow is obviously associated with the sun, with warmth and with positive energy. This color makes us cheerful and happy. Moreover, the yellow gives us clarity of thought, makes us more positive  and influences our ability to make the right decisions. Yellow is the color of intelligence, it stimulates curiosity and could be used as a cure for depression.

4. Green
Green means nature, life and freedom. It is probably one of the most friendly colors and it is thought to also have some health benefits. Green is recommended for healthy relationships, symphaty and financial abundance, that doesn't mean you'll win the lottery if you wear green shirts though but you could do that to feel free and relaxed.

5. Blue
Blue is a peaceful color associated with distances, oceans or sky. It creates a calm atmosphere and helps us to think clear and analytic. Besides that, blue around us can improve communication not only with the world around us, but with ourselves.

6. Indigo
Indigo is a color hard to find in the nature. It is elegant and austere. It represents the connexion between the defined and the undefined world allowing us to look beyond our world. Indigo makes us more wise and aware of the world we live in.

7. Purple
Purple  is representative for the human body. It should be seen not only as a color but as a complement to energy, vibration and acceptance of a start to reflection. 

So, basicaly that means, that we should chose the colors around us carefully, so that we have a positive and relaxed mood all the time and enjoy every day.
Make your surrounding as colorful and pretty as you can, to be able to feel colourful and pretty.

Colors make us happy:)

For more colorful pictures visit this, I've spent my whole day here and it's great, I'm sure you'll love it too:)

duminică, 17 februarie 2013

First day on Pinterest

Frankly, Pinterest didn't seem very interesting at the first sight. Pictures are always beautiful but you can find the anywhere, why would you need another website just for that?
But it didn't took me so long to start to enjoy it. After some time I realised it became more important than checking facebook... And now after only one day it is sort of an addiction.
Although it seems messy and you don't understand from the very beggining what is your purpose there, slowly you begin to understand how it works and become part of the Pinterest "society".
As any other similar site, it slowly starts to take over your free time but I think that if you like it it doesn't matter whether or not you spend your free time online. It's a nice way of sharing nice stuff you find on the imense internet.
I the end, I'm happy I found this place and I tried it out.
Alice found her Wonderland! :) And is ready to explore it!