On Pinterest, pins are all those pictures and from time to time videos you see everywhere.
There's no much to say about it so I'll dedicate this page to the best pins on Pinterest hoping that you'll enjoy them as much as I do. :)

25.02 - Little girl on the beach

This picture is great. I love everything about it: the colors, the subject, the emotions. I love summer anyway but this picture makes me to iremediably fall inlove with it.
The name of the Photographer that made this amazing picture is Valeria Spring, you can google her. She has a lot more amazing pictures and all of them centre around kids and awsomeness.
I found her on pinterest but she is worth a visit, she's simply awesome!

30.03. - The Sea feeling

I love the sea, I always did, but if I don't see it I don't suffer because I forget that feeling that makes me like it so much. The wind, the cold sand, the sound of the waves, The memory of all these is really fade. I always have to see it in real life so I have that great feeling again. Well not anymore... Eleanor Hardwick the photographer that took this picture is only like 20 years old and already has some really big achievements. She started liking photography at the age of 12 and now she has exhibitions from England to Japan and I have to say... That's something! Enjoy the atmosphere of this picture, I just... LOVE IT!

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