So... what is this "board" in the end?

Well basically it is like an album with a certain theme. The one that creates this board gets to decide what he wants it to be about. Of course, you can chose to have no board and just be part of other group boards.
And here comes the question what is a group board? A group board is kind of the same thing with the mention that more people are able to post pictures in it and not only be followers. Frankly group boards are more fun. Just posting by yourself pictures in an album is sometimes nice but why not let other people share their pictures in your boards.
The board themes and rules can vary a lot. Some boards are about food, others about beautiful women and others about simple pleasures in life. Whatever the theme would be I'm sure you can always find some interesting stuff around there and find the boards that will make you enjoy Pinterest.
However we should be attentive with all these rules. Some board owners ask you not to post nudity, pins with pricetag, to promote yourself and to be always on the subject, i think there are the most common ones.
It is not always easy to get to be part of one board so you should pay attention with what you post so that you are not thrown away. We do not want that right?

Start nice and easy with some big group boards that accept you easily and start pining your greatest pictures and enjoy Pinterest.;))

Oh and also enjoy this:) It's one of my first pins!
I love kittens;))

From time to time I'll post interesting boards I find on Pinterest! Enjoy! :)

25.02 - Simple pleasures

It's a great board where you can post almost everything! As long as it is clean and something you consider pleasurable. It is agreat board really, I love it. Mostly because  it has a lot of members and everyday tens or even hundreds of pictures are posted. Try it out. I'm sure you'll love it.
Here you have a pin sample to make you want to try it out:)

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