luni, 10 februarie 2014

Mega Healthy Vegetable Shawarma

Came home late today and was so HUNGRY I could eat a horse. Not literally cuz I do not eat meat but you understand.
I wasn't really in the mood of cooking but i wanted to eat something good and filling so i looked in the fridge and besides all sorts of vegetables I found some Humus and one lost Tortilla which gave me an idea !! VEGETABLE SHAWARMA !!

Shawarma is basically this not so healthy Turkish dish made with all sorts of stuff. I ate various types and I am not very sure which one is the authentic one. All I can say is that it contains meat, more types of meat, chips, vegetables, and many sauces. Which sounds GREAT But it isn't very healthy. 

However :D My shawarma is supper healthy and I barely ate all of it because it was so BIG.

ALL You need is :
- Some humus
- 1 Tortilla
- All the vegetables you can find in your fridge. I used onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber and spinach (I love raw spinach and raw mushrooms!!! )
Wrapping the shawarma can be tricky, but mine didn`t look perfect either and it still tasted AMAZING!!

Give it a try! I promise, It is LOVELY!! 


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