joi, 4 aprilie 2013

Oh, that feeling...

For like a week I had that feeling of feeling bored, but so bored that nothing can entertain you anymore, nothing at all, everything feels gray, sad, without a purpose, I felt without a purpose and the feeling is so strong and annoying but I couldn't do anything about it. So I started thinking what generated that. I mean I think I knew what generated that but why did it do it.
I started reading this book, by some not very famous author: A lucky man.  Sounded good, but then I started reading about a story of this man that had no purpose in life, No big purpose because there was a purpose he had, annoying his father till he couldn't take it anymore. And why? Because he had a dead brother and he was jealous. The way of writing wasn't bad, I actually like the author but the story sucked the life out of me, so I threw away the book and I am not going to finish reading it. I hate when I don't finish a book but I really can't finish this one. I need my life energy back.
So, as a solution for that extreme boredom feeling I used these 3 things:

1. I started listening to happy music, really happy and funny music. Makes you forget about stuff you don't wanna keep in your head.
2. I watched some kittens and some babies laughing on youtube. This is I think the easiest way to relax. I simply love that little baby that laughs at ripping paper. He is so sincere!
3. I started reading inspirational quotes from everywhere, i actually have a bunch in my computer. So I will start posting them here beacause they really help me in my depressing moments so I am guessing they will help more people.
here some samples:)

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