vineri, 23 august 2013

Be a Rockstar!

Everyone wants to be a rockstar! Common admit it! We all like to be in the centre of attention, we all like to feel great, admired, beautiful, talented, rich and adored. And who has all these qualities? A rockstar of course! No more rules, no more problems, only having fun everyday, and the only work you will ever do is singing, and who doesn't like singing? (well probably those qho can't do it but let's not take this into account) Supposing you do know how to sing, what could be better than this?

EVEN this little kitty seams to adore it!

I love this  picture, found it on Facebook and apparently it's made by this guy: Ben Torode so I wanted to say, good job pal! The pictures is brilliant, I like the kitty's expression, it really seems like it wants to be a Rockstar, and I am sure he would be great at it!

Here is a song to get you into the rockstar mood :)

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