sâmbătă, 21 decembrie 2013

Chiiilli Saturday Afternoon!

The best recipe for a brilliant relaxing Saturday afternoon?
1. A good book!
I know good books are not easy to find, but once you did find one, even though you might not be a big reader, I assure you it's going to be life-changing. Not kidding, really. Well I personally am a big reader. I love reading and I do it as often as I can. BUT. I wasn't always like this. I remember my step-dad obligating me to read. Telling me that Reading is like... visiting other worlds, making friends..blabla... and I remember myself hating him for that. However, eventually I found a good book that made me fall inlove with reading and since then... I'm a little bookworm :D

2. Internet
I have ti admit I couldn't stay one day in the house without internet. I might go crazy. Maybe it's because I live alone now, and i skype with my family at least once a day sometimes... with my whole family, from my grandpa to my 8 year-old brother. Helps me keep up with the illusion ob belonging. I am aware it's not like being with them, But it freaking feels good to know there is someone out there thinking about you and caring about you. And even if I don't talk with them... I listen to music or watch vloggers... it's still contributing to the illusion of being part of the world, not being alone.
3. Chocolate
There is no perfect day without chocolate. Although I would recommend black chocolate, since we stayed in bed all day anyway, we all know how freaking good caramel Lindt chocolate can be... or Milka with Oreo :)) Whichever you choose make sure you enjoy it. Life is made to be enjoyed... if you don't eat chocolate to have the perfect silhouette others will admire, but it makes you miserable. Then drop it. Eat that chocolate, enjoy your pizza, and be a happy chubby person. The right people will love you anyway.

4. Green Tea
I developed a strong passion for green tea. I wasn't a big tea-drinker, but since I live in the UK... It's impossible not to drink tea... It is too much of an insult. And green tea just tastes lovely. + apparently it helps with weight loss. Soo... now you can enjoy that chocolate we were talking about.

5. Sleep
Sleep, 15 hrs a day if you feel like it. and don't think it's wasted time... no it is not. no time you enjoy is wasted time. Today it's your day of relaxation, make the most out of it, recharge your batteries and you'll be ready for a new week full of challenges.

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